The Plate

By Celina Tennant

“Hey guys! Wondering if you want to grab lunch and maybe a pedicure Sunday afternoon?”—Emily in a group text to Josh, Liz, and me. Emily wanted to get all of her local bridesmaids (who shall henceforth be known as The Bride Tribe) together to talk about the wedding planning!

Has there ever been any answer to that question other than Absolutely? I was put in charge of choosing a restaurant to try, with no criteria given as to what everyone liked or disliked. Luckily, my never-ending list of restaurants came in handy and everyone agreed on The Plate in Milton.

Located on the second floor of the Milton Marketplace, The Plate has been open for just over a year and is the second location for accomplished chef and Milton native, Suzanne Lombardi. It encompasses the idea of a cheery brunch while getting errands done all at the same time. An emphasis is put on fresh and local ingredients throughout the Marketplace, including a major fruit selection, craft beers and other liquors, meats, cheeses, and much more. All of these ingredients are available for The Plate’s weekday and Sunday brunch menus.

After admiring a beautiful display of pastries and cakes in The Plate’s entrance, we snagged a table with a ray of sun beaming down through one of the skylights. The restaurant has an adorable, rustic feel, while still being modern and bright. The Plate’s set up is counter service, so we all took turns ordering our meals and then received table numbers for everything to be delivered.

Emily ordered an Earl Grey tea for $1.75 and I got the Nitro Cold Brew on tap for $3.10. We also splurged for a Ruby’s Smoothie (below) at $5, with mango, banana, raspberry, honey, and coconut milk—much too delicious to pass up!


Josh (author of The Pop Explo$ion right here on WordPress!) was the first one to get his dish to the table; he went with the Classic Fried Egg Sandwich with no cheese (the only explanation for this is lactose intolerance), which came with roasted tomato, arugula, and garlic aioli served on a house-made English muffin. He chose to add applewood-smoked bacon for a total of $8. While I did not taste the sandwich myself, I took enough photos of it to determine that it looked like each bite would have every delectable ingredient in it and it smelled wonderful. The English muffin was crumbly and the sandwich was the ideal amount of food for brunch. Disclaimer: I’ll never ask Josh to describe the food he is eating. He will inevitably make it sound objectionable, even though he enjoys it and it is most likely delicious. I am accepting fellow foodie applications now!


Emily and Liz went for the Soft Herb Scramble with the Homemade Popover at $9. A popover is an Americanized version of a Yorkshire pudding, a light and airy egg pastry that is most commonly served with a Sunday roast. In this case, the popover matched well with the fluffy egg scramble and we all agreed on a “delicious plate of clouds” metaphor.


When I had scoured the menu online after choosing the restaurant (anyone else guilty of this?), I originally decided on the Prosciutto Americano Panini, which caught my eye with the fontina cheese and spicy broccoli rabe pesto. However, they didn’t have a few of the ingredients at the time, so I gladly switched to Our Benedict, The Plate’s take on the classic Eggs Benedict at $14. With a choice of ham or sautéed spinach, I chose the ham expecting regular Canadian bacon or something similar—Our Benedict came with an inch-thick piece of North Country ham! I had never seen such a large piece of ham on Eggs Benedict and I would have been happy with less since the flavor was almost overpowering. The hollandaise was smooth and lemony on top of the English muffin, and as for the most important part of all Benedicts, the yolk of the poached egg was perfectly runny.


Around our wedding and Oscars talk, there was a warm buzz throughout the restaurant the entire time we were there. The atmosphere is inviting and family-friendly. The large seasonal selection on the menu and accommodation to any food allergies was much appreciated. The Plate is in a perfect location for shopping and has ample parking available, even on a busy Sunday morning. I can’t wait to go back for the Prosciutto Americano Panini!

10 Bassett St, Milton, MA 02186

The Plate


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