Maggiano’s Little Italy

By Celina Tennant

As if I could become more obsessed with food and restaurants, since starting Fare & Square Boston it’s all I ever talk about. Luckily for me, I have coworkers that will indulge me while I blabber on about menus and new food crazes, and some of them have suggestions for restaurants I should try. That’s why when my coworker, Michele, mentioned Maggiano’s Little Italy I immediately added it to my list.

My dad, my stepmother Celia, and Jenna (Remember her from Abby Lane?) wanted to meet up on Friday night for dinner, and, as usual, it was my job to choose the restaurant. At first I wasn’t even thinking of doing a blog post, but they convinced me otherwise.

My coworker had already informed me that Maggiano’s is a great place to go for a family-style meal, and this was evident when we walked in and saw the huge parties throughout the dining room. We heard a couple of “Happy Birthdays” during dinner, and I’m sure there were people celebrating other events, as well as just enjoying a nice dinner.

The three women started the night off with the three different types of sangria on the menu. Celia got the Red Sangria and I got the White Sangria for $9 and Jenna got the Seasonal Sangria for $10. All three sangrias were absolutely delicious, but Jenna’s was my favorite because it had such a strong pomegranate taste!


We got a couple of Caesar Salads to go around the table at $5.75, Dad got the chef’s special, Tuscan Chicken Sausage Soup for $5.95, and Jenna and I split the Crispy Pepperoni Risotto Balls at $10.95. (Now, I don’t know if we thought we could eat all of this food coming our way, or if our eyes were just WAY bigger than our stomachs, but I was already getting full with the first courses!) I asked Dad to describe his soup, but all I got out of him was, “Oh… oooh…” As soon as he let me have a taste, I understood why—this soup was flavorful, spicy, and full of sausage. When you go to Maggiano’s, call beforehand and make sure this is a special; you won’t be disappointed. Our Crispy Pepperoni Risotto Balls came with a mild tomato cream sauce and the pepperoni flavor didn’t come through very well, but it was still a fried ball of risotto, so we ate them up like vultures.


For our entrees, I got the Pesto Perlini Mozzarella (below) for $17.95, consisting of fettuccine with green pesto, ricotta chicken meatballs, and sundried tomatoes. The plate was swimming in pesto and the meatballs were extremely moist. Jenna and Celia went traditional with the Chicken Parmesan at $16.95 and the Chicken Saltimbocca at $19.50, both with hand-cut pasta on the side. Dad ordered my second favorite dish, Johnny’s Carbonara at $17.95. The staff was accommodating when he opted out of the poached egg and asked for some Italian sausage on the side for an extra $3.


Everyone was so full by the end of the meal (even my dad didn’t finish his meal—and that’s saying something!), so we each brought home leftovers to enjoy the next day. Maggiano’s is a great place to enjoy large celebrations (I did a little recon before our entrees arrived and found a large function hall downstairs!) and events or even a simple family dinner in the city.

4 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116


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