Lower Mills Tavern

By Celina Tennant

Josh and I found ourselves both free on Saturday night, so instead of being shut-ins watching five straight episodes of Survivor: Samoa, we decided to grab dinner at Lower Mills Tavern (LMT). A few months back we had gone to Ester for a delicious dinner and popped next door to LMT for drinks afterward. Josh recounted that he thought it “smelled bad,” which, for our resident picky eater, was the smell of the Truffle Fries, a popular side item on the dinner menu. Emily and I thought they smelled so good that we ordered some even after having a full dinner!

We knew it would be busy on a Saturday night, but luckily we had no problem finding a spot to park due to the ample street parking. Josh and I grabbed two seats at an otherwise packed bar directly next to the kitchen while we waited for a table. I was in foodie heaven watching how the kitchen works and seeing the beautiful plates they produce! I also got to talking with a woman that had been standing next to us and it turns out she is a bartender for LMT on Sundays and Mondays. She mentioned how Lower Mills is the perfect combination between suburbia and the city.

At the bar, Josh ordered the Brown Derby for $11 with bourbon, fresh grapefruit, honey, and bitters. He enjoyed the drink so much that he ordered it again when we finally sat at our table!



I got The AM for $11 with cognac, lillet, elderflower, lychee and prosecco. It is with these types of craft cocktail menus that I am reminded of how little I know about alcohol and mixology, but I am never disappointed by my choice.



Jenna (If you don’t remember who she is check out Maggiano’s or Abby Lane) joined us for dinner too, which ended up increasing our wait time since a lot of the open tables seemed to only be for parties of two. Nonetheless, we were glad to have her and she ordered the Late Bloomer for $11 with prosecco, St. Germain, and fresh grapefruit.


Our waitress came over and told us about the specials, one being a burrata for $10. This was no run-of-the-mill burrata—most burrata plates I’ve seen have been paired with some sort of green pesto and a balsamic reduction or candied fruit. In this case, this Asian-inspired plate tasted fresh with cucumber and radish, and used black garlic (a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine made by heating a whole garlic bulb for several weeks, which leaves it with a sweet taste and soft texture). Our waitress told us there was only one left in the kitchen, so Jenna gave an alternate order of the Fontina Pancetta Arancini ($10) and decided to be surprised.


Josh didn’t stray from his comfort zone and went with the LMT Burger for $14 (One day he will try something new and it will be great blog material!) and I chose the Classic Bolognese Lasagna for $16. The lasagna was so filling with layers of pasta, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan, and it was surrounded by a pool of veal, lamb, and pork Bolognese. My favorite part of the entire dish was the crunchy, melted cheese on top—shocker.




Although there will most likely be a wait, it’s worth it for one of The Boston Globe’s “Best New Restaurants of 2016.” LMT has a great atmosphere, a perfect location, and a mouth-watering menu that will keep you coming back for more.

2269 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02124


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  1. I loved this review! And this place is right down the street from our house and after reading your review, I’m thinking we’ll go next time we get a sitter and have a date. The burrata plate sounds increda.

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