Cream Etc.

By Celina Tennant

The only reason to get up early on a Sunday is when you know there will be a delicious breakfast placed in front of you within the next hour. On Sunday morning I got up to my alarm screeching, only because I had plans to go to Cream Etc. in Abington with Jenna.

Cream, the ice cream shop, was opened in 2010 by Craig Perry and his wife, Lenora Cushing, and after setting up a stand at the Braintree Farmer’s Market for many weekends, their love for local ingredients influenced the local, farm-to-table mantra of Cream Etc., which opened in September 2015.

I can’t say that Route 18 is the first place I would imagine when I’m thinking of adorable, rustic restaurants; however, Cream and Cream Etc. are placed neatly next to a pottery shop and have plenty of parking on the other side.

We pulled in just before 8:30 AM and there were already a few tables filled inside; the restaurant has only fourteen 2–6 person tables, so we luckily grabbed one before the crowd started to show up. Cream Etc. is open for breakfast and lunch and both menus offer a variety of classic and inventive dishes. Say you’re feeling a little adventurous, go for the Chicken Confit Hash or the Croque Madame; if you’re feeling not-so-adventurous, there’s always the Pancakes or the Baked Brioche French Toast.

Jenna and I were feeling a bit childlike as we looked at our menus because she ordered the Hot Chocolate for $3.95 and I ordered the Chocolate Milk for the same price. There’s nothing better than a delicious glass of cold, chocolate milk (except if you’re Josh) to reinforce the joy of going out to breakfast on a day off. The only changes I would make if we were totally embracing our inner-children, would be whipped cream to top the Hot Chocolate and a larger glass of Chocolate Milk.



I had wanted to order the Fresh-Baked Doughnut Holes since I had tried them once before and they were magnificent. The problem with a restaurant with a focus on local ingredients, is that some menu items aren’t always available! So instead, we went straight for the entrees and were pretty full by the end.

Jenna ordered the Farm Fresh for $8.95, a combo of two eggs any style, toast, home fries, and bacon. In addition, to cover all the breakfast bases, she ordered a Single Fluffy Pancake on the side for an extra $3.95. She mentioned that her favorite part was the cinnamon butter on top of the sourdough toast.


I knew what I wanted before I even saw the menu, as I’ve had this dish before and was blown away—Italian Eggs Benedict for $10.95. There are many delicious ways to punch up Eggs Benedict, but with pesto has to be one of the best. The Italian Eggs Benedict is also offered with prosciutto instead of the classic ham, although they must have been out today because I was only offered bacon or ham. Nonetheless, the hollandaise was creamy and when I sliced into it, I saw a runny, orange yolk! Jenna and I both agreed that we enjoyed that the home fries were both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, but they could have used more seasoning.


Cream Etc. has an interesting menu, extremely fair prices, and an emphasis on sourcing local ingredients. Be wary of not everything on the menu being available and be ready for a wait if you come for their later hours. It is definitely a great, local restaurant for an early Sunday breakfast, but if you do decide to go for lunch, you can always hop next door to have a delicious Richardson’s Ice Cream (Middleton, MA) treat right after.

1209 Bedford St, Abington, MA 02351


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