Monument Restaurant & Tavern

By Celina Tennant

I found myself in Charlestown on Sunday helping my friend, Lee, pick up furniture for his apartment. (I did not know that I would be doing any heavy lifting, but I was paid handsomely with a delicious iced coffee after lugging some chairs to the moving van.) We both have an affinity for brunch (Who doesn’t?) and I left it up to him to choose a restaurant since we were in his neck of the woods. The only advice I gave was “take me to a place where you are thinking: I want to completely impress Celina,” and so we found ourselves at Monument Restaurant and Tavern.

We walked into a sunlit restaurant with dark wood, brick walls, and high ceilings. There was a buzz about the room as most tables were filled with people enjoying Sunday drinks and brunch. Lee and I grabbed two chairs at the bar, which was filled with people on either sides of us. After scanning the menu for drinks and appetizers, I exclaimed, “I want to marry this restaurant!” (If only that were possible—my love life would be way more interesting!) With options from the draught, bottles, cans, mixed drinks, and full wine list, I ordered The Sunday Stroller ($10), a perfectly refreshing drink with sparkling rosé, Aperol, and an orange twist.


I believe that no matter what meal you’re eating, appetizers should always be an option. It’s a little prelude to the food you are about to eat; as far as I’m concerned, the more appetizers the better. Monument lists Sliders, Griddled English Muffins, Carnitas Tacos, and more, but we went with the Fruit Salad ($8) with fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, apples, mangos, kiwis, and bananas. At this point, I already knew what I was ordering for a meal, so the light freshness of the fruit made me feel less guilty about the Bacon Benedict!

Foodie Fail #1: I’m calling myself out for this shot of our delicious fruit salad… with the words “fruit salad” on it! Sometimes I get so distracted by the Instagram!


The Bacon Benedict ($13) shone bright from an already impressive menu with contenders like the Prime Rib Hash and Lemon & Poppy Seed Buttermilk Pancakes. The Benedict came on an English muffin with roasted garlic and herb cream cheese, bacon-braised kale, Applewood smoked bacon, an all-important, perfectly poached egg, and a rosemary hollandaise. As if this description didn’t have my mouth watering enough, crispy smashed potatoes were served on the side and the entire dish became a well-executed symphony of flavors.


Lee ordered the Huevos Rancheros ($12) with pico de gallo, chorizo sausage, sunny side up eggs, black beans, and goat cheese. All of this was stacked on top of a crispy tortilla that was slightly softened by a sweet, tomato-based rancheros sauce.


I wish that I could eat every meal at Monument. Their atmosphere and inventive dishes are what bring the crowds in and keep them coming. Their prices are fair and their service is welcoming. If you find yourself in Charlestown, or even if you need to make a special trip to go there, it is absolutely worth it.


251 Main St, Charlestown, MA 02129


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