Boston Burger Company

By Celina Tennant

To commemorate National Burger Month and celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, my friend and beloved editor, Daina and I made plans to go to the Boston Burger Company in Cambridge. Josh, Emily, and Mike decided to tag along because who can pass up the promise of fried mac and cheese on top of a burger and something so poetically called a Freak Frappe? This was Daina’s first time joining me on a blog dinner where I simultaneously attempt to write down every detail of our meals, Instagram all of our dishes, and enjoy my own meal. Luckily, she is such a team player and offered to get a Freak Frappe JUST for the blog!

The Cambridge location is the most recent addition to the BBC family; there are two others, one located on Boylston Street and the other in Davis Square. The Cambridge restaurant had convenient street parking and we were able to dodge raindrops from our spot right out front. BBC boasts a menu of at least thirty different burger combinations and ingredients like maple mayo, peanut butter, and mozzarella sticks—you name it and they have it!

Daina got the Oreo Freak Frappe ($10)—which is essentially a meal in and of itself—a vanilla frappe with Oreo cookies and chocolate syrup. I ordered the Frappe, Crackle, and Pop ($11) since it was their May special and only available for another day. It was a vanilla frappe with Fruity Pebbles, strawberry syrup, and a Rice Krispies Treat topper. Daina summed up the Freak Frappes beautifully when she said, “It’s like a work of art.” The actual frappe wasn’t extremely thick, so we were able to save some room to follow up with burgers and fries. The BBC always has a monthly special Freak Frappe and they offer a couple of boozy frappes if you really want to be indulgent.


Both Emily and Josh opted for a less “freaky” drink and enjoyed a refreshing cocktail called the Cranberry Bog ($8) with Triple 8 cranberry vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice.


Knowing that all burgers came with a side of homemade potato chips and a choice of coleslaw or baked beans, we were obliged to get the Buffalo Cheese Fries ($9, top) and the Pizza Fries ($9.50, bottom) for the table as our appetizers. (If you’re looking for a good cheese pull, look no further!) The buffalo fries had a great flavor, but were a bit soggy from being submerged in buffalo sauce.



And now we dive into the main reason we went to BBC: burgers! Mike went for the Waikiki Beach Burger ($11.50) with grilled pineapple, ham, bacon, and teriyaki sauce. He thought it was delicious and enjoyed the flavors, but also wanted more pineapple to burger ratio.


Emily chose the 420 Burger ($14.50), a true nod to the intensity of the munchies with mozzarella sticks, fried mac and cheese, onion rings, fries, bacon, golden BBQ sauce, and American cheese (everything except the kitchen sink, which, in fact, is another burger you can order off the BBC menu). Watching Emily eat this 6-inch tall burger was entertaining, although she found it overwhelming towards the end.


Josh ordered the Porkasaurus ($14) with no cheese, which came topped with pulled pork, bacon, pickles, and BBQ sauce. In true Josh fashion, the burger was gone within minutes so I knew he enjoyed it, but at first he thought it was going to be too much meat. He said the pickles helped brighten the flavor and he even added some of the baked beans from the side to enhance the barbecue.


Daina got the Mac Attack ($14), her choice every time she goes to BBC, which is topped with homemade fried four-cheese mac and cheese and bacon. It may not be a towering burger with a myriad of ingredients, but it does pack some serious flavor. (Is there anything better than fried cheese?)


I ordered The Rundown ($12.50) with fried pickles, potato sticks, horseradish sauce, cheddar, lettuce, and tomato. The juicy burger was cooked well and the horseradish sauce was not overpowering when combined with the other toppings.


Boston Burger Company has been recognized by many local and national magazines, including Zagat, Eater, and Men’s Health to name a few. They are known for their over-the-top drinks and food and their creative plates. The only negative thing I can say about the BBC is that they need to get larger tables so we can continue to order as much delicious food as possible!

1105 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138


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