Mike & Patty’s

By Celina Tennant

When you have a foodie friend that is moving all the way to Chicago, it is a rule that you must go out to eat as much as possible the week before! This Sunday, we went back to one of Lee’s (He made a brief appearance at Monument) go-to places for breakfast in the city: Mike & Patty’s!



Located in the middle of the Bay Village neighborhood in Boston and a quick hop, skip, and a jump to the Theater District and the Common, Mike & Patty’s was opened in 2008 by Michael Fitzhenry and Patricia Sinaiko. Its unassuming corner location fits in perfectly with the brick facades that line Church Street and the four barstool seats inside leave just enough room for the counter and the coffee prep station. Be prepared to stand in a line that is out the door; we were in a queue with at least four people before us and it only got longer as the morning went on. Nonetheless, the service was quick and how could anyone be in a bad mood while waiting for a sandwich called the Breakfast Grilled Crack?


Lee was the one waiting for the Breakfast Grilled Crack ($9), happy as a clam. It was a deliciously addictive sandwich on buttered sourdough with a fried egg, two strips of bacon, and American (yum), cheddar (YUM), and gruyere cheese (OMG YUMMM). Mike & Patty’s proudly displays their list of locally sourced farms and vendors such as Iggy’s Bread in Cambridge, Russo’s and MEM Tea in Watertown, Mapleline Farm in Hadley, and a few others. He also ordered an Orange Juice ($3), which could be taken straight out of the case underneath the counter.


I ordered the Breakfast Torta ($9) with bacon ($1.50)—a colorful sandwich with two fried eggs, cheddar cheese, potatoes, black beans, salsa, and avocado on a sesame torta roll. Though it sounds like an almost overwhelmingly flavorful sandwich, a lot of the ingredients seemed like “base” ingredients to the stand-out avocado. Still, the Breakfast Torta is one of the most popular sandwich choices and I enjoyed it up to the last bite. I also grabbed a much needed Iced Cold Brew Coffee ($3.50).


Mike & Patty’s has also started a nighttime transition into Bay Village Burgers, a once temporary pop-up event that has become a Wednesday–Saturday staple. Just like their morning menu, they have their “regulars” like the Fancy (fried eggs, bacon, cheddar, avocado, red onions, and house mayo) and they have sandwiches/burgers that they switch out every so often.

With online takeout, delivery, and catering options, there is no reason to NOT go to the tiny sandwich shop. Truly there’s nothing better than a jaunt around the city on a gorgeous day that is started off with Mike & Patty’s!


12 Church St, Boston, MA 02116


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