Every town has that one go-to diner that just stands above the rest; for us here in Braintree that’s Kristin’s. My friend Brian has been a consistent F&S Boston follower and we finally had the chance to get together on Sunday. Brian is not only patient with me every day at work as I ask the same questions over and over again, but he was also understanding as I took a few hundred photos before he could dig into his meal.

Kristin’s is a small diner on the corner of Braintree Square surrounded by a few other small businesses and there is always a wait on Sunday mornings.  They’re open for breakfast and lunch every day and have a vast menu, most notably with at least 18 different kinds of pancakes.


Brian said he had only been to Kristin’s three times this week, so he was happy to go again and order his usual Special #6 ($7.29; top)—Super Deluxe Home Fries with Eggs and Bacon. The crispy home fries were covered in cheese, broccoli, and peppers and he also got a side of Corned Beef Hash ($3.49; bottom).



I ordered the Irish Benedict ($8.99; top) and (for the blog of course) one M&M Pancake ($3.99; bottom). You know how breakfast restaurants say that they have “homemade” corned beef hash and then you get it and it’s without a doubt store bought? Kristin’s is the exception! Not only is their corned beef hash obviously homemade, but so is their delicious, lemony hollandaise.  The pancake was one of their many specialty pancakes; others on the list include S’mores, Raspberry Coffee Cake, Boston Cream Pie, and more. While I understand that chocolate for breakfast is not everyone’s favorite (Looking at you, Mum!), this was more of a fluffy pancake that happened to have melted M&M’s on it.  I want to go back and try all of their pancakes now!


Kristin’s has won the “Best of Braintree” award for Best Spot for Breakfast every year for more than a decade now, which they proudly display above their chalkboard menu behind the counter.  This restaurant epitomizes the hometown feel and you can’t go wrong with any one of their menu options.


349 Washington St, Braintree, MA 02184


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