TAMO Bistro & Bar

By Celina Tennant

It’s always a nice feeling when you take out someone who doesn’t go into the city normally and have them enjoy it as much as you do. I was lucky enough to spend some time with my mother Saturday seeing Straight No Chaser at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion and enjoying dinner in the Seaport at TAMO Bistro & Bar. TAMO is located within the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center and directly across the street from the Harborwalk.


I made reservations easily on the TAMO website, so we were able to walk right in and get a seat at the outdoor terrace. It was perfect weather for dining outside—not too hot or muggy. The terrace has a few high tops, a DJ station, a small bar with a TV, and dining tables all the way down the sidewalk. I had been to TAMO once before and my friends and I enjoyed the comfy dining room chairs and the floor to ceiling windows looking over the water.

As soon as we sat down we noticed that the couple next to us had a bright blue drink in a gigantic bowl with two extra-long straws, and both of us agreed that we needed to get one of these to fully enjoy girls’ night out. We ordered the TAMO Tiger Bowl ($35), which must be shared with at least two people. It was made with Bacardi Oakheart rum, Bacardi Dragon Berry rum, pink guava purée, pineapple juice, and angostura bitters. The drink was delicious and the raspberries, orange slices, and pomegranates floating in it were even better.


The TAMO menu is somehow as locally focused as it is globally encompassing. With menu headings such as “Food Truck Nation,” “Hey, Where You At?,” and “Farmer’s Market,” TAMO offers a variety of dishes, so whatever you’re in the mood for TAMO should have it! Mom and I ordered the Prosciutto Meatballs ($10) from the “Nibbles & Bits” section—house-made prosciutto meatballs with marinara and mozzarella. Four two-bite meatballs covered in sauce and cheese were presented to us on toothpicks and it was the perfect size for an appetizer. Coming straight from a full-blooded Italian, Mom says of the meatballs: “good, balanced seasoning and a nice sauce!”


When it came time for the entrées, I thought I knew my mother pretty well. I figured she’d go for the Scallops or Steak Tips, but no, she came out of left field and ordered the Ora King Salmon Roll ($14)! That’s sushi, folks, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen my mother come even close to ordering sushi. Apparently we just need to hang out more because she said she loved it. The Ora King Salmon Roll was beautifully presented with seared king salmon sashimi on top and a miso vinaigrette drizzled over the plate. (I must admit that I know nothing of the art of sushi, but I’d be so interested to learn if anyone has any restaurant suggestions to begin.)


I ordered the Tacos ($16), TAMO’s take on tacos al pastor, with pork, shredded lettuce, a slice of avocado, lime crema, and pineapple. I’m not normally a fan of sweet tastes on a dish I expect to be salty, but I am constantly amazed by the flavors that go into tacos and how they work so well, and these were no exception. The pork was shredded and had a mild flavor, but the pineapple and lime crema were what brought me back for each bite.


There comes a point after every meal that the server comes over and asks, “Would you like to look at a dessert menu?” Most of the time the inner struggle between should I and shouldn’t I comes bubbling to the surface, but at TAMO all you have to do is look at the section called “Oh, But You Should.” Mom and I agreed on splitting the Chocolate Cassis Cake ($9) with a sour cherry compote on the side, whipped mascarpone, cocoa sauce, and candied peppered pistachios. I can’t rave enough about this dessert—everything about it was perfect and decadent without being too rich or dense. Usually when I’m blogging about a meal, I’ll take a few bites and then write down as much as I can before continuing, but in this case I just went all in. Mom and I cleaned the whole plate before I had even written down the name of the dish.


The first reason to spend time in the Seaport is for the scenery, but the second is to go to TAMO. Their menu is constantly being updated based on the local, seasonal ingredients and they are open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Bring your mom with you when you go—she’ll be delighted!


One Seaport Lane, Boston, MA 02210


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