Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

By Celina Tennant

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant is located in South Boston on a main road with ample street parking, a parking lot for local businesses directly across the street, as well as some commercial lots that can be used during off-hours. Southie is a perfect neighborhood for city living that’s not totally overwhelming. (Yes, I grew up in the suburbs.) In recent years, it has been built up and includes some of the most amazing restaurants—not only is this great for the foodie lifestyle, but Southie’s proximity to Boston, the South Shore, the water, the airport, public transportation, and much more makes it an ideal spot for any twenty-something looking for a place to live. (Who wants to move to Southie with me?)



The Lincoln Tavern is one large room with brick on adjacent walls, high ceilings, and a long bar stretching across the far side. It surprisingly goes even further back than the first dining room, where more tables and another bar are set up, which gives it the capability to have private events in the back. The very first thing you’ll notice as you walk in is the extremely loud buzz of people talking and dining. Every time I have been to Lincoln it is packed, but we were lucky and Breagh and I walked right in and were seated at a table in the back section.

We started off with complimentary Blueberry Cake with whipped butter. I wish I could have this cake all the time in lieu of bread and butter. It was so light and fresh, but not so filling that we didn’t have room for the rest of our brunch.


Breagh knew exactly what she was going to order before we had even arrived at the restaurant—she went with the Thick Sliced French Toast ($14), a cinnamon brioche topped with pastry cream, fresh blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, a Vermont maple pecan syrup and breakfast sausages. She also ordered a side of Brunch Potatoes ($6). She described the French toast as “the best French toast ever,” and said it was “to die for.” She also explained that the maple syrup was the pinnacle of the dish, made with whole pecans and warmed in a little creamer pitcher. Breagh was so enamored that she decided she wanted to marry her breakfast and serve it at her wedding. (Is this allowed in MA yet?) The potatoes were roasted, smashed, and flavored with rosemary.


I ordered the Eggs Benedict ($14) with black forest ham, wilted spinach, boursin cheese, mini roasted asparagus, and hollandaise sauce, and a side of Avocado Toast ($5). My eye always catches eggs Benedict on a menu, but in this case, I was excited to read a description that wasn’t the regular boring bene. It was well seasoned, creamy, and every ingredient was perfectly cooked. If you’ve never had avocado toast, you need to embrace your inner basic to enjoy this simple yet delicious meal. This hearty piece of toast was covered in fresh avocado, red pepper flakes, evoo, and salt.


I was asked once to list my favorite restaurants for different types of foods and Lincoln showed up on more than half of the list. If you haven’t already, go check it out and bring me with you!

425 W Broadway, South Boston, 02127


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